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The Orchard Sycamore – Large scale, classy green living

A prominent project in the Binh Duong New City Real Estate market, The Orchard closed subdivision of the Sycamore CapitaLand project received great attention. The townhouse complex is architectural with high-class living space and possesses top resort amenities, giving residents complete and rich choices.

Nhà mẫu The Orchard - Dự Án Sycamore
Nhà mẫu The Orchard – Dự án Sycamore

With its vision of sustainable development, Investor CapitaLand expects that the Sycamore project in general and The Orchard subdivision in particular will become a highlight for the real estate market in the New City. The location affirms an ideal living environment, profitable investment and high development potential.

Scale of The Orchard Sycamore subdivision

The Orchard Sycamore Subdivision is located on the main avenue of Binh Duong New City, and is only a 5-minute drive from the Binh Duong Provincial Administrative Center Building. This is the largest commercial center in Vietnam with an area of ​​70,000 square meters including shopping centers, offices, hotels and a subway station connected to subway line 1 of Ho Chi Minh City. The Orchard subdivision is developed on an area of ​​9.1 hectares, with a total number of 368 units. In there:

  • Terrace house have 168 units, with an area of ​​about 90 – 175m2
  • The semi-detached villa has 144 units, with an area of ​​more than 160 – 240m2
  • Single villa has 56 units, area ranges from 190 – 370m2
Phân khu The Orchard | Sycamore CapitaLand
Phân khu The Orchard Sycamore CapitaLand

Fascinating Neoclassical architecture

Charming beauty hidden among the houses in an integrated and developed environment. At The Orchard Sycamore, delicately blending classic features with meticulous design style, residents immerse themselves in a peaceful living space, filled with creative inspiration. The closed compound leads us to a sustainable green lifestyle, ready to master every moment.

Tổng quan The Orchard | Sycamore CapitaLand
Tổng quan The Orchard | Sycamore CapitaLand
Ensuring harmony and appreciating the homeowner’s experience. The Orchard Sycamore combines aesthetics, blending modern, modern and detailed interior design. A living space that focuses on balance and nurturing of body – mind – mind. A large area on the third floor, next to the master bedroom, is cleverly converted into a relaxing tea area with panoramic views of the lake and central park. Every day at The Orchard, homeowners can enjoy a resort lifestyle right in their own home.
Nhà mẫu đáp ứng nhu cầu, tôn vinh sự tinh tế
Nhà mẫu đáp ứng nhu cầu, tôn vinh sự tinh tế

Sycamore CapitaLand with its outstanding exclusive construction scale has formed a smart living model, a new standard that affirms a classy, ​​upper-class lifestyle. A project with so many advantages in terms of location and surrounding amenities, this promises to become an ideal residence for residents in the New City. It is a suitable and potential investment opportunity in the integration and growth process of Binh Duong.

The key project Sycamore with a lot of sustainable development potential is still open for sale. Contact consultant for new subdivision The Orchard – Sycamore Binh Duong project from investor CapitaLand:

Hotline:  (+84) 931 130 691 –