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The Orchard Sycamore – Clubhouse offers upper class privileges

The Clubhouse is more than just an example of magnificent construction. This location offers residents exceptional living values and conveniences. A facility with full amenities that confirms a distinct lifestyle for the exclusive neighborhood.

Clubhouse offers luxurious amenities for the upper class

Historically, the Clubhouse became a symbol of opulent architecture, belonging to the most prominent and historic golf courses in the world. Gyms, premium restaurants, conference halls, and social areas are exclusively for the royalty and elite. For almost 400 years, the Clubhouse regard the heart of the golf course, attracting golfers to stay longer. Today, the clubhouse serves as more than just the golf course’s spirit. It is also a source of inspiration for creating exceptional experiences in high-end real estate developments.

Phân khu The Orhard
Phân khu The Orhard

Clubhouse in Việt Nam

In Vietnam, clubhouses are mostly found in high-end housing projects. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have high investment expenses and a big area. CapitaLand Development develop Clubhouse in The Orchard, a closed low-rise dwelling subdivision under the Sycamore General Project. The Canopy is also New City’s first Clubhouse with the most comprehensive utility infrastructure. Affirming the investor’s commitment to improving the value of resident community life.

Binh Duong’s aristocrats have 26 unique amenities to meet their wants

Canopy Clubhouse’s design is inspired by tree houses. Nestled in a spectacular and interconnected natural landscape. With the Sycamore project’s ethos of “Reaching living standards, sustainable origins”. This initiative was created with the intention of fostering a strong, connected community. At the same time, it provides a private environment for personal development. Coinciding with the picture of the American sycamore tree, Sycamore, as the project’s name suggests.

Hồ bơi đạt chuẩn Olympic
Hồ bơi đạt chuẩn Olympic | The Orchard

Creating a sustainable living environment for residents was carefully researched. From the project’s boundaries to the road that connects each house. Canopy Clubhouse has 26 unique amenities ranging from the cellar to the rooftop. It will be a place where all residents can replenish energy on the inside while also developing outdoors.

Ground floor of Clubhouse

The Clubhouse’s ground floor houses a cluster of fitness facilities for the community. With several gyms, spa saunas, yoga, mineral springs, etc. The first floor houses a massive Olympic-sized swimming pool system. Many tank kinds are appropriate for all sorts of occupants. This is also the place for electric vehicle stations and charging services. The second floor opens into the entertainment area, which includes a wine room. Karaoke room, BBQ and hot pot area. On the third floor, the upper class can work in quiet silence. Meeting room system includes wifi and a printer, as well as a separate rest space. All open spaces on the rooftop designs to provide entertainment and leisure.

Phòng GYM | The Orchard

The Orchard Sycamore Binh Duong subdivision

The Orchard subdivision includes 368 low-rise housing units. There are three styles to suit upper-class tastes: townhouses (90-175 m2), semi-detached villas (160-246 m2), and single villas (190-370 m2). The project, which includes a unique utility system, aims to leave a lasting impression on the upscale residential community.Creating new living standards in Binh Duong’s luxury real estate market.

Phân khu The Orchard
Phân khu The Orchard

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