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How much is the Sycamore Binh Duong project worth?

Sycamore is a high-end, pleasant complex project in Binh Duong that aims to promote a sustainable living. The subdivision consists of apartments, townhouses, villas, and special shophouses. CapitaLand Group designed and constructed this project by hand. Singapore’s green standard design incorporates nature and focuses on open space.

The advantage is that it is conveniently placed in the heart of Binh Duong New City. The project appeals to both real estate aficionados and investors seeking development value. Let’s find out and determine “What is the value of the Sycamore Binh Suong project?” using the shares listed below.

The bright point is to invest in Sycamore Binh Duong immediately

Development potential of Binh Duong New City

Binh Duong’s new urban area is attractively constructed, with wide roads and ample services. However, it continues to draw a small number of people, particularly wealthy consumers. Because the majority of it is land for building dwellings. There are no handy or safe residential places for clients.

Freeing up Sycamore capital is not the sole solution to the problem mentioned above.This is a significant milestone for prospective investors looking to launch new businesses.When residents returned, the city government followed suit.Real estate values in this area have risen significantly due to increased population, facilities, and urban development.

Trong bán kính 3km cư dân có thể tiếp cận đa dạng tiện ích ngoại khu
Trong bán kính 3km cư dân có thể tiếp cận đa dạng tiện ích ngoại khu

Rare opportunity to acquire a townhouse built by Capitaland

Capitaland’s offering lacks significant proof points.Heritage Westlake’s products were recently sold out in Hanoi, despite the terrible general market scenario.Capitaland’s product line is popular among clients.

Sycamore is the first project in Binh Duong and a unique project, as it is the first in Capitaland’s range of townhouses and villas with so many items.
Starting at level 1, there are only 395 units in the low zone and 100 units remaining.The possibility for ownership is limited, but there is considerable demand from successful customers, international professionals working in Binh Duong, and investors from Ho Chi Minh.

Contact the consultant for the upcoming subdivision The Orchard – Sycamore project from investor CapitaLand:

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